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If you cannot find an answer to your question, please Contact Us.

  • I want to make a donation, but what is my money funding?"
    Donations primarily go towards website hosting fees. Excess donations will be used for the purchase of research materials. Lastly, donations serve as compensation for time and effort spent on this site.
  • I am looking for information about a particular veteran, can you help me?"
    I will always try to help find information about veterans, or connect people with veterans through public postings. If you are looking for a family member, please visit the National Archives for information on obtaining records.
  • I want to contribute pictures or information about my service or the service of a family member.
    Feature coming soon.
  • I want to see an article on a particular topic or operation. Do you take requests?
    I place priority on requests made by Patrons. All other requests are compiled for future potential use.
  • Can you recommend any books for learning more about the war?
    The Vietnam War: A Concise International History by Mark Atwood Lawrence is a great starting point. Check out the Book List for more titles.
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