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To make the history of the war accessible to the public;

To dispel misconceptions about the war;

To honor the experiences of people on all sides of the conflict;

To discuss the history and memory of the war in constructive ways


About the Site

There have been thousands of books written about the Vietnam War, from self published personal memoirs to highly specific scholarly texts. Each of these hold meaning and have something to say about the war. Yet there seems to be the same pervading myths about the war. These experiences and studies are not reaching the wider public. There have been efforts to remedy this, but there need to be continued efforts. The information being uncovered and interpreted by historians and other scholars need to reach a broader audience.

The Vietnam War Era seeks to join this effort. Through written articles with graphic representations like maps and photos, historical arguments will be presented in an accessible manner. Memoirs and personal accounts will supplement these articles as well. 

The war was part of a tumultuous time not only in American history, but in world history. The trauma of the Cold War must be reckoned with on multiple levels. Articles, blog entries, and hopefully discussion through site features and social media will be an effort towards this reckoning.

  • Disclaimer: Site uses Amazon affiliate links to help generate funds to support site.


This site uses Amazon affiliate links to help generate funds to support site.


About the Author

The Vietnam War Era is brought to you by Joseph Malek. Historian and blogger, he became interested in the Vietnam War while still in high school. He followed that passion through college. Throughout his undergraduate career, he wrote several papers about various aspects of the war. He graduated with a BA in History from Niagara University in December 2018.

This website is born of that same passion and the desire to engage with others about the war.

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