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Rolling Stone

Written June 2017



7 Feb 1966 - 2 Mar 1966

Area of Operation:

Bình Dương Province, III Corps

Allied Units:

US Army 1st Brigade & 1st Engineer Battalion 1st Infantry Division; 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR)

Allied Casualties:

US 11 KIA, 72 WIA; Australia 2 WIA

Enemy Units:

VC J10 Battalion 761st Regiment, 707 Battalion 763rd Regiment, D800 Battalion

Enemy Casualties:

149-173 KIA, 200 WIA, 15 POW


To provide security for the 1st Engineer Battalion as it worked on highways within the province; search and destroy.


Major engagement of the operation was the Battle of Suoi Bong Trang.


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