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Written June 2014



1 Oct 1966 - 24 Oct 1966

Area of Operation:

Bình Định Province, II Corps

Allied Units:

US Army 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile); ARVN 22d Division; ROK Capital Division

Allied Casualties:

Less than 40 KIA

Enemy Units:

NVA 18th Regiment 3d Division

Enemy Casualties:

681 KIA, 1000+ POW


To continue to engage the NVA’s 18th Reg.


This operation was a follow up to Operation Thayer I. The operation was one of the most successful displays of air mobility to date. It was the first operation conducted by the 1st Cav. Div. to yield more enemy prisoners than KIAs. Ten civilians were killed during the operation, and 10,000 became refugees. The NVA 18th Regiment however soon returned to the region.


The Vietnam Center And Archive (at Texas Tech University)

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