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Written June 2013, edited February 2019



2 Jul 1967 - 14 Jul 1967

Area of Operation:

Quảng Trị Province, I Corps

Allied Units:

USMC 3d Battalion 3d Marines, 3d Battalion 4th Marines, 1st Battalion 9th Marines, 2d Battalion 9th Marines, 3d Battalion 9th Marines

Allied Casualties:

159 KIA, 345 WIA

Enemy Units:

NVA 90th Regiment

Enemy Casualties:

1290 KIA, 2 POW


Defend Con Thien Combat Base


Con Thien was considered one of the most important observation points, though was quite vulnerable, along the DMZ and as such needed to be defended.


Vietnam War Almanac by James H. Willbanks

The Vietnam Center And Archive (at Texas Tech University)

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