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Air Operations

Summaries of operations and offensives carried out predominantly in the skies by air forces.

Most operations discussed were efforts by the United States, South Vietnam, and their allies. This is due to the availability of information.

Where statistics, particularly for causalities, are presented as a range of numbers, there were discrepancies between sources.

National Archives photo no. 148728104

Farm Gate

To aid the South Vietnamese fight the Communist forces; To assist in training the Republic of Vietnam Air Force.


11 Oct 1961 - 1967

Area of Operation

Republic of Vietnam

Rolling Thunder

To interrupt the flow of supplies from north to south; to bring the DRV (Democratic Republic of Vietnam, or North Vietnam) to the negotiation table.


2 Mar 1965 - 31 Oct 1968

Area of Operation

Targets in North Vietnam (Democratic Republic of Vietnam)

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