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Written January 2021



27 Aug 1967 – 5 Sep 1967

Area of Operation:

Happy Valley, Quảng Nam Province

Allied Units:

USMC 1st Battalion 7th Marines, 3d Battalion 11th Marines

Allied Casualties:

4 KIA, 7 WIA

Enemy Units:

Viet Cong

Enemy Casualties:

2 KIA confirmed, 8 KIA suspected


Search and destroy


Overall, Yazoo was characterized by light contact and few casualties. Helicopters from MAG-36, and fixed wing aircraft from VMFA-323, VMA(AW)-242, VMF(AW)-235, VMFA-542, VMFA-115, and VMFA-122 all flew sorties in support of Yazoo.

Happy Valley was a major communist base camp. Several US and allied operations would take place in the area over the years, including Operation Mameluke Thrust (1968) and Operation Oklahoma Hills (1969), as well as Yazoo.


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