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Double Eagle

Written January 2021



28 Jan 1966 – 6 Mar 1966

Area of Operation:

Quảng Ngãi Province, I Corps

Allied Units:

USMC 3d Battalion 1st Marines, 2d Battalion 3d Marines, 2d Battalion 4th Marines, 2d Battalioin 9th Marines

Allied Casualties:

24 KIA, 156 WIA

Enemy Units:


Enemy Casualties:

312 KIA; 9 POW


Search and destroy; to trap VC and PAVN units in Quảng Ngãi Province


Double Eagle was conducted in conjunction with US Army Operation Masher/White Wing and ARVN Operations Than Phong II and Lien Ket 22. Together, the forces planned to engage in a large pincer movement, sweeping communist forces between US Army and Marine units. Ultimately, Double Eagle failed in its objective. Weather caused delays for the Marines as they moved through mountainous jungle terrain. This likely contributed to the ability of communist forces to evade engagement with US Army and ARVN forces.


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